Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trixie-isms/ Gilly-isms

The older girls have decided that Trixie has her own "Trixie-language," which they occasionally try to speak in. In Trixie-language, often things are opposite in meaning. A plastic fork is really a metal fork and a metal fork is a plastic fork. Short-sleeves are really long-sleeves and long are short.
She also has a very animated yet very serious way of talking with hand gestures that is hard to capture here. It's especially great when she starts describing her favorite scenes in Anne of Green Gables.

"That Gilbert. He call her Carrots! She hit him with the slate!" "She put her head under the covers and she turn her hair green!" "Anne fell in the ghost-hole in the woods!"

Here are some more Trixie-isms.
cabbage: a little brown house you don't live in "We're going to stay in a cabbage with a fireplace when we're in West Virginia."
poconuts: a design of dots on fabric or a brown, hairy fruit
tishters: I want to play with my tishters and they won't play with me!
Goo-gad or Giddy: Her little brother's names.
My best color: Pink is my best color.
"You're making me a head-y ache!" : When she wants her older sisters to be quiet.

cowza- large spotted animals that give milk, live in the same place as pigdas, hosies, and chichens.
zipper: Shortly before weaning, we discovered that he called nursing "zipper."
Dips: His favorite food group
Helophone: His favorite plastic hammer, which he carries everywhere and doubles as a phone.  His other essentials he must carry around everyone: a wooden sword, a rifle, and a na-na (napkin).
Helloooo! and Bye-Bye. Ee-soon!: As soon as he wakes up, he greets everyone with a smile and a Hellooo! He likes to tell everyone he meets Bye-bye. Ee-soon.
Shuza: The things you wear on your feets
Schnauzie: the large stuffed schnauzer. Any time he sees a dog, he waves wildly and says Hi! Hi!
Flowfer: Look at those pretty flowfers!
Mankoo! He almost always remembers to say mankoo, though he's not so great on please.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beatrix is 3!

Beatrix turned three a few months ago. She is such an independent spirit, full of her own opinions and ideas, which she likes to express loudly. She loves movie nights with kettle corn, especially if we're watching Muppets or Little House on the Prairie. Though she did not approve of the latest Muppets movie, which we saw in the theater. She said, "I don't like when Kermit speaks in a different language." No imposters for her.

She loves to sing and dance, do somersaults, and be flipped and swung around by her toes. She is totally fearless at the playground
Her favorite literary character is Carrie Ingalls because she is the third sister. So we got her a vintage 1970s Carrie Ingalls dress for her birthday. She was pretty pleased.
And the Little House on the Prairie paper dolls she had wanted most of all.
She insists on having her own school time each day, which usually means playing a game of "Anne cards" or Memory. Lately, she also wants me to print out handwriting worksheets and out of the blue starting making perfect Bs. She is now convinced she can write and the other day asked me, "How do you spell detective?" I said, "Trixie you don't know your letters, why don't I write it down for you?" She replied, "What's it start with?" I said, "D." "How do you make a D?" "Let me write it for you." "No. See that's a B. I know my letters. How do you spell detective?"

To my smart, beautiful, independent little girl. Happy Birthday!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gilead at 22 Months

Gilead has become such a little character in the last few months. Soon he will be two, and I feel like I haven't captured enough of him here.
Gilead was born loving to cook. As soon as I pull out a bowl, he's right there. "I help? Dough?" Of course, what he really likes to do is eat the dough. But he also loves to get his hands in it and to help roll out pizza dough and sprinkle cheese. He also has very little problem with opening the fridge and making himself a snack. His favorites are dips: hummus and guacamole, which he eats by the handful.  I have also found him with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon.

 He also loves to cook at his little play kitchen. A few months ago, I was watching him play and noticed that he wasn't just pretending, he was making an actual recipe. He took pieces of wooden toast, put it on a cookie sheet, put it in the oven, and turned the dial. Then he took the toast out of the oven and took a jar of play sand the girls had and shook it on each piece of toast. He was definitely making cinnamon toast!
He also loves to sing and can imitate almost any song we sing. Sometimes, we will think he's just making noise and then suddenly realize. He's singing The Doxology, but with no words. His other favorite song is Happy Birthday, which he sings anytime he sees a candle. He usually wakes up singing and you can track his movement around the house by the song.

Above he's sporting his new haircut and his patented Gilly picture smile. He got a new toy camera from my mom and he was instructing his sisters to smile. Mabel was smiling for the picture, but then he kept on instructing. "Eyes. Eyes." Apparently, the squint is part of smiling for pictures.
Gilead is like Brent in so many ways, it shouldn't surprised me that he loves dogs. In fact, one of his favorite things is looking at pictures of dogs on the Internet with Daddy.
Brent's dad has been working on our house lately and so Gilead has become Grandpa Jr. He carries a hammer with him everywhere and follows right behind Grandpa with a toy drill. He also loves the book The Little Blue Truck and so he loves trucks. Added bonus: Grandpa drives a blue truck!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My New Blog

Hi Loyal Readers- You may have noticed that I haven't been around here lately. I have been sorting out exactly how I want to blog in the future, and it just felt like my time with The Wonders Of was drawing to a close. It's harder for me to keep up with the cute antics of my kids now that we're homeschooling, and I've been feeling more called to write about something that brings me great delight: children's books. Of course, the family will show up from time to time, but I also wanted to have a place to give book and audiobook recommendations and talk about children's literature. So I hope you'll check out my new blog.
School of Good Books.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Ella is 7!

We finished up the month of October with Ella's 7th birthday.  Our very creative girl requested her own hammer for her birthday. We added in a glue gun and her own Martha Stewart craft book.
The kids wanted to tested out their new old-fashioned dresses at Old Sturbridge Village.
 Ella's current passions are learning to swim and learning to climb trees. She's also reading everything in sight. She announced recently that she had discovered her talents: singing, making things, and talking. She also is a strong believer that "Adding sprinkles to anything gives you energy!"

For her birthday excursion, she wanted to get bubble tea, but since we didn't take a picture, I'm subbing in another pre-birthday excursion with Mamaw and Papaw to Dunkin' Donuts, which she also enjoyed.
I'll leave you with this little poem, she wrote a few months ago...

Fight be over
But now I see
The world is much bigger
Than little me.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Family Party

We celebrated three family birthdays at once with an old-fashioned party. Gilead was not too fond of his coon-skin hat.

The Hollie Hobbie cakes made another appearance.
 The whole family dressed up to celebrate.
The kids had ideas for folks who didn't come dressed appropriately. ahem...Grandpa.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mabel is 5!

October is all about birthdays. We started it all off with Mabel who turned 5. It's an exciting year for Mabel. She's learning to read and learning to swim. She loves pigs and armadillos, fancy dresses, headbands and pink. She wanted an old-fashioned girl birthday so I got my mom to send me her 1970s Holly Hobbie cake pans, which were perfect.
 And of course, she needed an old-fashioned costume.
and some new reading material. 

For her birthday excursion, she wanted to go to the Yankee Candle megastore. She insisted, "It's not just a Christmas shopping place. It's an adventure, full of exciting things." We didn't actually buy any candles, but we did take advantage of the photo ops and enjoyed the castle, the indoor snow, and the animatronic oom-pa band.